About CINV Corp


A Pharmaceutical Supplier of Medicinal Cannabis. Scientific. Passionate. Professional.

A vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company, soon to include cultivation and extraction/processing facilities that will in the near future produce cannabis for medicinal purposes that will meet the GACP/EU-GMP certification guidelines.

Medicinal cannabis, since being made legal in the UK in 2018 and many other global locations before that, still presents issues for thousands of patients that need urgent clinical access to medicinal cannabis via prescription. CINV Corp’s goal is to be a part of that change and meet the growing demand with an effective form of medicinal cannabis for acute conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy as well as everyday ailments such as back pain or anxiety.

Our team’s expertise ranges from cannabis science, cultivation and operations with the clear aim to be a globally trusted medicinal cannabis company.

We aim to help millions of patients worldwide with our pharmaceutical ingredient. Our launch operation in Zimbabwe was the start of a rapidly scaling operation that will not shy away from expanding to meet future demand and market opportunity.


Jon-Paul Doran, CINV Corp CEO & Founder


Our goal is simple: produce a highly effective GMP & GACP certified medicinal cannabis API for the pharmaceutical industry to meet the rising patient need in every country around the world whilst delivering strong returns to our loyal shareholders.


Our Story

Jon-Paul Doran, our Founder and CEO, launched CINV Corp in 2018 after recognising the potential to combine producing a medicinal cannabis API for pharmaceutical partners with the opportunity to make a positive social impact. Jon-Paul was born in Zimbabwe and his strong ties in the country, along with the easy export into the EU and its evident agricultural history made it the perfect location to operate from. Due to the nature of Jon-Paul’s background, CINV Corp’s flagship operation is very close to his heart and as a company we have made it an integral part of our business model to provide jobs and support for the local community.


What We Do

Our HQ, where our company’s management team and core functions work hard to execute our mission, is based in the heart of London’s finance district, Liverpool Street.

Our Zimbabwe venture was the first to be launched and after a successful first round raise and noticeable milestones being met on the ground, other governments approached the senior management team to discuss opportunities in new regions.

Acquired licenses to supply the global demand of an effective form of medicinal cannabis to the pharmaceutical industry.