CINV Corp: Corporate Social Responsibility


Taking Our Social Responsibility Seriously

Here at CINV Corp, we’re dedicated to being part of an industry which is actively seeking a natural cure for life-threatening diseases and providing alternative therapies and treatments to individuals who need it. And this ethical drive to provide the most effective form of medicinal cannabis on the market is also underpinned by a robust commitment to corporate responsibility.


A Focus On Local Community Employment and Education, As Well As Sustainable Resourcing and Recycling Where We Can.

That’s why we’re putting our values into practice by taking positive action at our location in Zimbabwe. We have a number of initiatives designed to protect and conserve the local environment underway, such as harvesting rainwater and donating unused timber for firewood. We are also looking at a future initiative which may include installing a solar plant to support the power requirements we require. Where possible, we intend to make use of renewable energy sources.

But we’re also passionate about supporting the people who live and work in the communities where we’re based. We strongly believe in the importance of employing people from the local community at each of our locations.


Supporting Our Local Communities

In fact, at full operations we expect to create over 300 local jobs in Zimbabwe alone. A balanced gender representation and a certain portion supporting the youth – that’s a substantial contribution to the welfare of the families of our staff in Zimbabwe all whilst initiating a project which will help to reinvigorate the economy of the country.


Zimbabwe Facility


Zimbabwe Ground Team

Acquired licenses to supply the global demand of an effective form of medicinal cannabis to the pharmaceutical industry.