CINV Corp Foundation


We are dedicated to being part of an industry which is actively seeking a natural cure for life-threatening diseases and providing alternative therapies and treatments to individuals who need it. And this ethical drive is also underpinned by a robust commitment to corporate responsibility.

We are investigating the viability of installing a solar plant in the future to support our power requirements. Both creating environmental benefits and also creating a surplus for domestic consumption.

We strongly believe in the importance of employing people from the local community at each of our locations.


The company will create more than 300 jobs in Zimbabwe and with just below $1 million in salaries each year. At full capacity, there will be a balance of male and female staff, and a proportion of the local youth:

  • Youth employment mentoring / apprenticeships.
  • Retraining workers to transition to this new industry sector, from other sectors damaged by COVID-19 impact.
  • Rehabilitation of the habitat and promotion of the environmentally sustainable way of living
  • Participating in fair trade
  • Improving labour policies



CINV Corp Foundation

The CINV Corp foundation will be at the forefront of patient access for medicinal cannabis, operating globally to bring support and relief where it is needed. Through its relationship with the CDRPG and other local patient-focused organisations, CINV Corp Foundation will deliver charitable support and access for medicinal cannabis where it is needed working with donated resources from CINV Corp (a percentage of revenue) to improve lives of those afflicted with chronic illness. To improve clinical access to medicinal cannabis and to positively change clinical outcomes.




Our Vision

To be the stimulant of change in medicinal cannabis access through direct support and community programs, we will change lives.

Our Mission

To provide medicines for parents with children with chronic conditions requiring prescribed medicinal cannabis. To do no harm and to provide a positive contribution to the economy and well being of all peoples, local to our facilities.