World-class Medicinal & Scientific Cannabis Products


Our genetic portfolio consists of advanced strains of medicinal cannabis that deliver the required active ingredients based on the pharmaceutical industry needs.

Our speciality and core focus lies in commercial greenhouse cultivation, we will develop and implement advanced techniques that will yield high-quality raw material under EU-GMP & GACP conditions. Through investment and innovation in our research and development process, we will assist our cultivators to harvest effective medicines and meet the evolving demands and challenges of the medicinal cannabis and pharmaceutical industry.



The cultivation yields

We have three facilities located on 350 hectares of arable farmland that provides room to expand and scale our operations, to meet the ever-increasing demand for a medicinal cannabis product.

Our future annual production will include 15,470 Kg of EU-GMP of High THC cannabis flower and 1,591 Kg of EU-GMP Oil.

Below is an artists impression (CAD rendering) of the final greenhouse cultivation facility





Stage 1 – Seed Germination/Cloning

Seed germination- In this stage, we will germinate the seed this is the very first step in the lifecycle of the plant.

Cloning – Cloning a plant using an identified mother plant consisting of all ideal genetical build-ups is the most common method of Mass production for high quality medicinal/pharmaceutical grade Cannabis. The time it takes for a clone until it is rooted and ready to be introduced to the nursery phase of the vegetation period is usually 14 days.

Stage 2 – Vegetational Growth/Vegetation Period

Once the plant is placed in the chosen growth medium it is then introduced to what would in nature be early stages of the summer/late stages of spring (longer days and longer hours of sunlight) this is mimicked in a controlled environment by providing 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness along with other various factors and the environment provided to the plant which will allow the plant to continue growing in the vegetation stage means that the plant will continue to grow in size but will never provide flowers/fruit.

Stage 3 – Blooming/Flowering Period

The flowering/bloom period is what would in nature be the latter part of the summer where we will have shorter days and fewer periods of sunshine signalling the plants to reproduce (bloom and produce fruit or flowers) before the end of the life-cycle, Which will signal the plant to start focusing its energy and photosynthesis into producing flowers as opposed to vegetational growth. We mimic the late summer periods by providing our plants with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness in a controlled environment along with other various technical factors. For most genetics of cannabis, this stage will have a timeline of eight weeks at the end of which the plant will be ready for harvest and post-harvest treatments.

Stage 4 – Drying and Curing

Drying is as important as growing, the drying stage means reducing the water content of the buds to 10-15%, depending on the desired final product. Most commercial growers do not cure their crop; they just dry it and sell it. Curing is a long but necessary step toward the highest possible quality. This stage will utilise indoor facilities with state-of-the-art climate control systems.

Stage 5 – Processing/Trimming

The trimming process begins at the end of the flowering stage; between 8 and 12 weeks depending on the strain. After harvesting, the removal of the main stems takes place. The trimming process consists of removing the less wanted parts of the plant such as fan leaves, regular leaves, and other leaves right at the beginning of the harvest phase. Trimming is a form of manicuring the cannabis flowers or buds from the plant material which contains low concentrations of cannabinoids if any at all. Advanced variable speed mechanical trimming technologies are utilised.


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