Company News – An Update from Ember Pharms, March 2024

As part of our latest operational updates, we’re thrilled to share the exciting progress in our cultivation facilities now, that we’ve smoothly transitioned to the flowering phase and are fast approaching our first harvest.

The second greenhouse construction and fit-out was completed a few weeks ago, with a fresh batch of clones settling in, due to flip to flower in around 10 days.

Our First Harvest Approaches

April 8th marks the harvest day for Greenhouse 1 (GH1)! We’re gearing up for this by optimising our drying rooms for efficiency and stocking up on all the harvest essentials. Stay tuned for the launch of our medical cannabis brands under our first harvest soon. 

The plants are looking super healthy and vibrant, showing how well they’ve been cared for in their ideal growing conditions, and the visit from one of our top cultivators to South Africa confirmed that everything is on track.

To smoothen the harvesting process, we’re bringing in 15 seasonal staff members for trimming duties. They’ll receive specialised training from Bernard, our Chief Operating Officer, alongside Patricia, the Head of Propagation, and our Testing Manager, to ensure our quality standards are upheld. To prepare, our team have also run a very successful dry run of the first harvest and have bought two more specialised dry room containers onto site to assist with drying space, as the harvest is larger than anticipated.

Additional Infrastructure Developments Commence

Following the operational launch of Greenhouse 2, we have also commenced the construction of a 30m x 10m vegging tunnel, further expanding our cultivation capacity.

Lastly, we are excited to announce that the construction of the first of our indoor test rooms has commenced. This facility will mark a significant advancement in our cultivation research capabilities, beginning with the installation of state-of-the-art lighting and air exchange systems.

Stay tuned for updates from our very first harvest next month, along with some exciting joint venture announcements which will enable us to achieve our goal of facilitating the full seed-to-heal journey.